If you like Dinosaur and Zombie, this is the game for you!

Dinosaurs vs Zombies is a free and fun game mixing the elements of rogue-like and heroes defense. Not about just defending behind the barrier as any other normal “defense” games, users now can also move freely beyond the barrier to clash with the zombies. Hit and Run with a flood of zombie, 1 hit from them can kill you, be ready for the apocalypse.

Users will play with different kinds of cute dinosaurs, hundred kinds of weapons and try to stand against the zombie flood. Every single weapons and dinosaur has its own skills, so users can always experience different battles.

Users can also build up their own strategies with the upgrades, traps, items, towers. Therefore, the more zombies you killed, the more waves you survived, the more features you will unlock!

The game has multiplayer modes, which will allow users to enter an arena or world boss area and play with user around the world. With the World Leaderboard, everybody will see who is the best Zombie Killer.

Soft-launch on 20th Sep 2018. Get ready for a new rogue-like action + heroes defense game!